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Probiotics means "for life" and has been used for centuries as natural components in health-promoting foods. These are live microorganisms in our stomach (Gastro-Intestinal tract), which are of the same characteristics as the good bacteria that are already found in our digestive system. Probiotics help stabilize and prevents the imbalance brought about by disease-causing pathogens.

Probiotic supplements have now been embraced and accepted as agents that bring significant health benefits.

Supplementing our diets with an effective probiotic re-populates the intestinal tract with friendly strains to reverse this trend, improve intestinal health and help guard against diseasesí─ leading to a relatively healthy immune system that we once had.

Probiotic Qualities of KE-99

The Lactobacillus casei sub-species, KE-99, was selected for its superior probiotic qualities. The primary effect of a probiotic is to reduce the likelihood of pathogenic organisms from establishing themselves and infecting the intestinal tract of a host. In order to accomplish this, the beneficial bacterium overwhelm the enteric sites to become the predominant bacterium present, and consume a significant portion of the nutrients which compromise or possibly eliminate the establishment and/or growth of any unwanted bacteria.

(Competitive exclusion) In laboratory tests, however, KE-99 has demonstrated the ability to actually remove already established pathogenic bacteria in vitro (example: enterohemorrhagic E. coli 0157:H7). These bacteria often enter the intestinal tract via consumption of contaminated food and/or drink. This remarkable ability to reduce certain forms of pathogenic bacteria in vitro (currently being tested in vivo in swine) is one of the features that sets KE-99 apart as a superior probiotic.

Advantages of a single effective strain KE-99 over multi-strain probiotic products:

  • KE-99 has been shown to be much more effective than multiple strains
  • KE-99 has superior ability to attach to enteric sites and establish itself while multi-strain compete with each other and are often merely evacuated.
  • The overall benefits of other strains of intestinal bacteria are well known, but they are meaningless unless they can actually attach to the intended site.

For information on this exceptional product, read About KE-99.