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Frequently Asked Questions

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are a class of beneficial bacteria that promote health, balance and efficient functioning of the digestive system. These friendly bacteria are normal inhabitants of the intestines and help to digest foods by breaking them down into their individual component parts, such as fats, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for absorption into the body. Another function of these normal bacteria is to prevent or limit the growth of unwanted bacterial pathogens including salmonella, clostridia and E-coli that can prevent proper nutrient absorption, create intestinal disturbances and eventually cause more serious illness. Prevention of illness by a well maintained microflora balance is accomplished by a method referred to as "competitive exclusion". That is, the good bacteria take up positions known as enteric sites therefore preventing the pathogenic bacteria from establishing itself and proliferating to become predominant bacteria.

Why take probiotics?

Bacterial infections, stress, traveling, antibiotic treatment, poor diet and a number of other factors can and do disturb the balance in our intestinal tract, decreasing the number of beneficial bacteria while allowing an increase in pathogenic bacteria. This increase in pathogenic bacteria can result in gas, diarrhea, constipation, and other intestinal symptoms. A viable probiotic supplement acts to maintain and replenish the balance of microflora in the intestinal tract. A regular maintenance dose acts as a preventive against intestinal diseases, and in the case of KE-99 LACTOT, also eliminates noxious compounds such as ammonia and sodium/hydrogen sulfides which interfere with absorption of nutrients. A healthy intestinal tract with a balanced microflora can boost the immune system, keep pathogenic diseases of the intestinal tract in check, maintain normal bowel movements, prevents indigestion and bloating. Away from home, probiotic supplements act as a barrier to the strains of unwanted bacteria encountered and prevent the intestinal disruptions often associated with traveling.

Do I need to take KE-99 though I eat good foods?

We face the modern world with stress and this factor can compromise our intestinal health already. The food we intake may contain preservatives, additives that reduce healthy bacteria. Ke-99 help restore the lost bacteria to help fight against illness.

Do probiotics affect or improve other health conditions?

Besides the healthful effects stated above, probiotic use creates an intestinal environment that can improve a user's immune system. The intestines are the body's largest immune organ. It's a fairly hostile environment and a well-balanced system can relieve immunological stress associated with an unhealthful system. This gives the immune system a chance to enhance its capabilities in other parts of the body. Many who use probiotics such as KE-99 LACTOT on a regular basis report increased energy and an overall feeling of good health.

Can probiotics improve digestion and help eliminate Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

There are many aspects to food digestion. They include enzymes (which start breaking down foods in the mouth and are found in the intestines), pH conditions such as stomach acid, bile from the gall bladder, intestinal microflora and some digestive properties contained in the food that you eat. Of these, diet and supplementing your intestines with probiotics is within your control. Well-balanced intestinal microflora will have a significant positive effect on digestion. It can also control indigestion and bloating after eating. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is an extremely difficult disorder to control. It causes distress to those who suffer from it and can affect your daily life in so many ways. We have used several subjects in our human studies who suffer from IBS and all have shown some improvement. While not a cure, KE-99 LACTOT has reduced the number bowel movement episodes to the extent that these individuals are now eating more diverse foods. It also has affected their social life by giving them a more confidence in social situations that they used to avoid.

What is KE-99?

KE-99 refers to a strain of Lactobacillus casei, one of good bacteria normal to human intestinal system. The strain was isolated from fermented vegetation and subsequently studied extensively in vitro at a public university laboratory in California. It has been proven to have superior absorption and functionality as a probiotic as compared to other strains. L. casei has been used in many products around the world and is a well-known and documented species of lactobacillus that has probiotic effects. It is often included with other beneficial bacterium to re-establish balanced microflora in the intestinal tract after antibiotic therapy. It is generally considered safe and approved for use in food products. For more information on KE-99, click here.

Why do I need to take KE-99?

If you are eating a perfectly balanced diet without a lot of processed products and have a stress-free life, you may not need probiotics aid to maintain your health. However, unfortunately in the modern world, we have a lot of stress. We consume products such as antacids, antibiotics, food additives, alcohol and other foods and drugs that can cause reduction of healthy bacteria. KE-99 can help restore the lost healthy bacteria to fight against illness.

Does KE-99 LACTOT help people with lactose intolerance?

Probiotics restore intestinal balance and repopulate the intestinal walls with beneficial bacteria that help us break down and digest foods including lactose. We have had a number of users of KE-99 LACTOT report a decrease in their lactose intolerance symptoms.

Can KE-99 LACTOT help treat Colitis and Crohn's Disease?

Crohn's Disease and Colitis are Inflammatory Bowel Diseases that among other things disrupt the bacterial balance in the intestinal tract. Infusing the gut with beneficial bacteria and eliminating pathogenic bacteria, which can aggravate these conditions, is an essential component of the effective treatment of these diseases. Because of its excellent properties and exceptional absorption KE-99 LACTOT is an excellent probiotic supplement for sufferers of Colitis and Crohn's Disease.

How long do I take KE-99 before I will notice a difference?

It will vary for each individual. In some cases, changes can be found within a few days. In others, it may take up to two weeks. In the short-term cases, these individuals seem to already have some type of malady that involves an intestinal or digestion problem, particularly individuals on antibiotic therapy. Those where the effects have taken longer are usually in fairly good health but take a probiotic for preventive reasons. We recommend taking KE-99 consecutively for 10-12 weeks initially to feel the difference.

How often and what time of day should I take KE-99?

We suggest taking KE-99 once a day. The best time to take a probiotic is within one hour after a meal when stomach acid is at its lowest. You can, however, take KE-99 at any time.

How were the properties of KE-99 discovered?

Its qualities were compared to other species of lactobacillus including the acidophilus strain. The studies used the latest models in laboratory testing to measure cellular growth, adherence to intestinal matrices, elimination of ammonia and sodium/hydrogen sulfides (noxious compounds) and comparison of affinities of pathogenic bacteria and lactobacillus strains to enteric proteins. The period of research was nearly two years.

How is KE-99 strain different from other lactobacillus strains such as acidophilus?

The results from the studies mentioned above are the subject of a research paper submitted for publication to a scientific journal. Upon publication, a reprint of the article will be available through this site. A general synopsis of the results shows that KE-99 exhibited a greater adherence to 5 separate gut proteins compared to 4 other strains of lactobacillus including acidophilus. This means that KE-99 has a better chance of populating the intestinal enteric sites than the other strains tested. In the elimination of noxious compounds, KE-99 showed a greater reduction in hydrogen sulfide and ammonia than the other strains tested. KE-99 showed a much greater affinity for enteric sites when challenged with a pathogen (E. coli 0157:H7), thereby preventing establishment and proliferation of this pathogen. Other strains did not show the same level of affinity in this comparison.

Do multi-strained probiotics work better than a single strain probiotic such as KE-99?

No, probiotics that contain multiple strains often create a situation in which the various strains compete with each other. A hardy single strain such as KE-99 has been shown to perform much better because of its superior ability to attach to enteric sites and establish itself while many multi-strains compete with each other and are merely evacuated. The overall benefits of other strains of intestinal bacteria are well known but they are meaningless unless they can actually attach to the intended site!

Are there any side effects in taking KE-99?

There is less than 1% from the total test group was reported to have any side effects. To those who have problems with excess gas, after discontinuing, they resumed KE-99 intake with a lesser dose. The primary ingredients of KE-99 are all natural and fall into the category the FDA recognizes as "GRAS" (Generally Recognized As Safe.)

Is it possible to be overdosed in probiotics?

No! Even if you have relatively healthy intestinal tract with balanced good bacteria, you can still safely take KE-99 for preventive purposes.

Can I take KE-99 LACTOT with prescription drugs?

Yes, there are no reactions between KE-99 LACTOT and medications since KE-99 LACTOT is all-natural and the lactobacillus casei strain is naturally found in the human body.

Can I take probiotics during pregnancy?

Yes, probiotics in general and KE-99 LACTOT specifically are all natural and work with your body's natural systems to optimize your immune system and improve overall health.

Does KE-99 require refrigeration?

ProbioHealth did extensive research on the most effective delivery system for KE-99. Because the lactobacillus casei strain in KE-99 LACTOT is anaerobic and cannot function or survive well in the presence of oxygen, we needed to find a means of protecting it and providing the user with a product that delivers 100% of the organisms needed. Both KE-99 LACTOT capsules and tablets are stable for two years without refrigeration because of their unique formulation and packaging. The capsule comes in an individual moisture and oxygen proof foil packet and never needs to be refrigerated. The tablets are coated with a cellulose compound for protection and can be stored at room temperature but we recommend refrigerating the bottle after opening.

Is KE-99 LACTOT safe for children?

Yes, KE-99 LACTOT is formulated from all natural ingredients and it's active ingredient the lactobacillus casei KE-99 strain is normally found in the human body. It is safe and effective for even the youngest kids. We suggest reducing the dosage to between to 1 tablet daily depending upon the child's weight. Both capsules and tablets can be used but we find that the pleasant tasting, chewable tablets are easier and more fun for the child to take!

Is KE-99 LACTOT FDA approved?

KE-99 LACTOT is considered to be "GRAS" or "generally accepted as safe". This classification is given to products that are composed of ingredients that are natural or have been safely used for many years. In the case of KE-99 LACTOT, its active ingredient is a bacteria strain which is naturally occurring in humans.

Can I give KE-99 LACTOT to my pet?

Probiotics have been given to animals for years to decrease diarrhea, speed weight gain in newborns and to decrease the need for antibiotics (which has been less successful so far in accomplishing this effect). ProbioHealth has a division that is working now with major agricultural coops in establishing KE-99 LACTOT as the probiotic of choice for the animal market. So far, our test results have been excellent; KE-99 LACTOT has proven especially effective in eliminating E.coli bacteria from our test animals. At the same time we have a number of KE-99 LACTOT users that are supplementing their pet's diets with KE-99 also. They have reported excellent results, especially in reducing their pet's symptoms including diarrhea and constipation. We advise using KE-99 LACTOT for pets in a reduced dosage. A starting point is to of a tablet. The naturally pleasant, sweet taste of the tablets make them easy to introduce into your pet's diet!

Are probiotics helpful in treating vaginitis?

Yes, bacterial infection is the most common cause of vaginitis and oral use of probiotics has been shown to decrease the recurrence of vaginitis. A number of KE-99 LACTOT users with this problem have also begun trying a topical application of KE-99 powder (from the capsules) to see if this brings quicker relief from symptoms. We plan to report on their results in a future ProbioHealth Newsletter.

Does KE-99 contain wheat, dairy, sodium or animal based ingredients?

KE-99 does NOT contain wheat, gluten, dairy or animal products and can be used by vegetarians and vegans.

Why should I take KE-99 LACTOT when I am taking antibiotics?

Antibiotics kill off the bacteria in your intestinal system - the good as well as the pathogenic. This causes intestinal upset as the system now has trouble breaking down and digesting food and absorbing gases. In addition, once the antibiotic is discontinued, the void is often filled by the repopulation of the intestinal sites by the undesirable (pathogenic) bacteria that survived. Indeed, often the strains that survived and repopulate are less desirable and stronger (natural selection) than the original problem bacteria. Taking an effective probiotic supplement like KE-99 LACTOT all through and after the antibiotic treatment insures both repopulation with a beneficial strain and the exclusion of the pathogenic bacteria. KE-99 LACTOT has been shown to be exceptionally effective in killing off pathogenic bacteria including E.coli.

I am a bodybuilder; will KE-99 LACTOT help me absorb protein?

Yes! Probiotics improve the functioning of the intestines and increase our ability to break down and absorb nutrients including protein, vitamins and minerals. KE-99 LACTOT is an effective and appropriate probiotic supplement to help bodybuilders and other athletes absorb higher percentages of protein.

What is the difference between KE-99 LACTOT Capsule and Tablet and which should I take?

KE-99 LACTOT Capsules are packaged in a double foil packet that does not need refrigeration. There are 30 packets in a box (1 month supply) each with 2 capsules. The recommended daily dosage is one packet (two capsules of 5 billion cells each) or 10 billion live cells. KE-99 LACTOT Tablets are coated for protection and come in a plastic bottle of 60 tablets (1 month supply). Each tablet contains 5 billion cells and the daily dosage is two tablets. We recommend refrigerating the bottle after opening. Daily dosage of 10 billion is the same for capsules and tablets and they are equally effective. Primary differences are in convenience and portability for the Capsule (packaged in foil pouch and needing no refrigeration) and in economy for the coated Tablet (refrigerated after opening). The Tablet can also be beneficial for children and pets as it has a naturally sweet and pleasing taste and can be chewed rather than swallowed.

How can I order KE-99?

KE-99 LACTOT Capsule and KE-99 LACTOT Tablet can be ordered through our secure shopping cart. All orders within continental US ship with free freight. Outside Continental US shipping charge will be e-mailed to you for approval before shipment. Click here to purchase the safest and most effective probiotics on the market today. If you prefer we can accept your order via phone 310-385-9000 or fax 310-385-8655

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