“Your Ultimate Source for Probiotics”

Probio White:
The ONLY Skin Whitening product with probiotics

Whiter Skin From Within

Probiotics (Lactobacillus casei KE-99) promote better digestion and a healthy gut function thus improving metabolism and absorption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Probiotics is one of the key ingredients in Probio-White which aids in better absorption of the Other ingredients. Does not contain preservatives or artificial colors and flavors.

Glutathione- reduced
Alpha lipoic acid
Collagen Peptide
Sodium ascorbate

How it works?

Probiotics help increase the absorption of vitamins and nutrients making it more effective in making the skin healthier and fairer. It is clinically proven to exert whitening effects in as early as 2 weeks. With 98% of subjects showed visible lighter skin in 6 weeks of continuous use. The powerful combination of Glutathione-reduced, NAC, ALA, and Vitamin C provides maximum antioxidant effects. With collagen and probiotics, it is a revolutionary combination that gives health, beauty and skin benefits every woman deserves.

The ONLY product that targets specific sites to promote 8 significant effects for beauty and skin whitening:

1 Improvement of digestion and metabolism
2 Promotes better absorption of nutrients
3 Promotes excretions of toxins (protects against alcoholic liver damage)
4 Visible improvements of skin's texture, moisture, and elasticity
5 Skin smoothening
6 Skin firming
7 Reduction of fine lines
8 Aids in blocking free radicals

Revolutionary Formulation

Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, is a tri-peptide composed of glutamic acid, cystein and glycine, which plays a vital role in supporting cellular function such as detoxification, amino acid transport, production of co-enzymes and recycling of Vitamin C & E. It protects the body by destroying reactive oxygen and free radicals.
It inhibits the activity of tyrosine and production of melanin which helps to prevent peroxy lipid generation by scavenging reactive oxygen.

N-Acetyl-Cysteine, a powerful antioxidant which blocks free radicals, can readily enter the cells. It is a precursor in the body to the antioxidant, glutathione. It increases the level of glutathione in the body that can help replenish intracellular levels of GSH. Once NAC enters the body, it is metabolized into glutathione. It also prevents alcoholic liver damage.

Alpha Lipoic acid
Alpha lipoic acid, the "universal antioxidant", prevents certain kind of cell damage in the body. It has a distinct characteristic of being water and fat-soluble.
It also functions in revitalizing the underlying structure of the skin to keep it healthy.

Collagen Peptide
Collagen is one if the most important structural components in the body. It works as a binder to combine one cell with another, to facilitate transfer of nutrients.
It is a major structural protein in the skin. It makes up 75% of our skin and gives skin its strength and durability.

Sodium ascorbate
Sodium ascorbate is an antioxidant which is essential to synthesize collagen. It is a more bioavailable form that also contains antibacterial and antiviral properties to help the body fight infections, boosting the immune response.